Are You Utilizing Your 8 Forms of Capital? From Social to Spiritual and Intellectual, Capital is More Than Money


The Lesson: Human society is filled with value, and we can place value on almost any object or opportunity. Viewing the financial system through the lens of permaculture, Ethan Rolland identifies Eight Forms of Capital which, when contemplated as a whole, gives us a clearer understanding of our net worth—not just in dollars. We can all learn to utilize our eight forms of capital, our unique currencies: financial, material, living, social, intellectual, experiential, spiritual, and cultural.

Notable Excerpt: Using the analogy of an ecosystem, Ethan says, “Your capital isn’t necessarily a currency. Capital is the root, and currency is the derivative we use to exchange… By exercising capital, you extract a currency that then complexes to a real thing or effect in the world… So with social capital, the currency is connections. It complexes to influence and relationships.”

The Host: A well-known expert in permaculture, homesteading, and general self-reliance, Jack Spirko works to provide every possible resource for those looking to increase their self-reliance, whether that’s building a homemade aquaculture pond in your backyard, learning how to link up with local farmers and artisans, or how to become an expert at foraging for wild plants and mushrooms.

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