Watch Filipino Inventor Fly His Hoverboard For 2 Miles, Setting World Record For Longest Flight


A 40-year-old inventor in the Philippines has apparently set a world record for longest flight by a hoverboard.

Kyxz Mendiola launched his personal aircraft, called the Koncepto Milenya, from a beach and flew for seven minutes and 22 seconds—a distance of 1.79 miles / 2.89km.

Footage shot in Zambales province on July 10 shows the Filipino, who is a drone and flying car enthusiast, gliding 30-feet above the ground, over water and fishing boats, while the water rippled below.

The flight reportedly surpassed the Guinness World record set in 2016 by Frenchman Franky Zapata who flew a jet-powered hoverboard across a distance of 2.25km.

“Our flight data indicated that we actually achieved 2.89km. I could not believe it,” said the delighted inventor and professional hip-hop dancer. “It was more than what we were expecting.”

“Our original goal was to fly across 2.5km. It was so overwhelming and I could not believe that it will go that far.”

The feat is yet to be officially recognized by Guinness but it has already been submitted by the inventor’s team for validation.

“My message to the young generation is don’t let other people stop you from achieving your dreams,” said Mendiola.